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MSN Image Text 1.1

A small free application to create funny text images with MSN emoticons
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MSN Image Text is a small free application that creates funny text images by using the default emoticons included in MSN. Once the image has been generated, you will have the opportunity of sending it directly to any Messenger contact, or of saving it as a BMP image in your system.

You need to select two different emoticons from the lists provided – one for the text, and one for the background. Enter the message you want to be displayed, and MSN Image Text will then compose an image that recreates the shape of each letter just by using strings of the selected emoticons. Though you are allowed to select any of the fonts available in your system, the simpler the font layout is the better and clearer the resulting image will be. You can customize the height of the image by selecting the number of background files – a high number of files will significantly increase the resolution of the image, allowing for better results with more graphical fonts.

The image can then be sent directly to any Messenger contact (as emoticon codes), or can be copied in your clipboard either as MSN emoticon codes, or as a full Windows image, which can be then saved as a BMP file in your computer.

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